Latest: Samsung Triple Fold Smartphone Teased; Likely To Launch Next Year

Latest: Samsung Triple Fold Smartphone Teased; Likely To Launch Next Year


Samsung has officially teased what could possibly the next trend in the flagship smartphone industry. For the first time, the company has teased a phone with a triple folding display. The teaser also confirms that the device is using a foldable Samsung OLED display.

Samsung Triple Fold Smartphone Teased; Likely To Launch Next Year

The overall form-factor looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, unlike the Z Fold 2, the upcoming Samsung phone will have a triple folding display, probably with a higher screen-to-body ratio.

The display folding mechanism is also expected to function similar to the current Z Flip or the Z Fold 2 with a high-quality hinge that should allow the users to use this phone from multiple angles.

What’s The Use?

A phone with a multi-folding screen will have several advantages over a typical candy-bar style smartphone. A folding smartphone, when folded behaves like a typical smartphone which is easy to pocket and easy to carry around. Similarly, when unfolded, the phone behaves like a tablet, offering more screen real-estate.

However, when it comes to a candy-bar style phone a folding phone will be a lot more fragile and is also very hard to repair. On top of that, it is also difficult to expensive to produce a folding smartphone, especially to do quality control.

Is There A Market For Folding Phone?

Time and again, OEMs launches smartphones with a various form factor that a customer might not even know. As the product matures over the years, where the production cost comes down, the device gets a lot cheaper, making it accessible for regular customers.

You can now buy a folding phone for less than Rs. 1,00,000 in India and the price is likely to come down in the next few years. However, a triple folding phone is likely to cost much more than that.


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