Latest: Samsung Shows New Foldable Phones With Multi-Fold Design

Latest: Samsung Shows New Foldable Phones With Multi-Fold Design


Samsung is undoubtedly the leader in foldable smartphone technology with a handful of devices. Its portfolio includes the clamshell foldable smartphone – Galaxy Z Flip and the improved foldable smartphone – Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now, it looks like Samsung appears to be prepping a new type of foldable smartphone with a larger tablet display.

Samsung Shows New Foldable Phones With Multi-Fold Design

Samsung Display, the display arm of the company appears to be prepping the next-generation foldable phone designs. It has left a hint of the foldable phone designs by giving a sneak peek at the tri-fold design, claims a report by SamMobile.

New Tri-Fold Mechanism Hinted

A photo rhat has been revealed shows a gadget featuring a Z-style folding mechanism wherein the left third of the screen folds inwards onto the front of the centre third. Talking about the right third of the display, it appears to fold backward behind towards the center third of the screen. Eventually, this looks like a compact device when pitched against the non-foldable display smartphones.

Foldable display design has numerous advantages to it. Firstly, users can experience the benefits of having a larger tablet within a compact footprint when it is folded. Moreover, the design hinted here doesn’t seem to result in a below-par phone experience, which we saw with the original foldable smartphone that had a small screen space years back.

Besides these, the most important concern that one would have when it comes to using multi-fold display design js durability and lifespan. Samsung being a leader in this segment is proposing to address these concerns of users. While Samsung’s first-generation foldable smartphone had a major hinge-related issue, the company resolved the same and has come up with a few such models already.

Having said that, adding another hinge adding to it would also result in some major challenges but the company has to overcome the same with the production of some reliable and durable foldable displays. But it remains to be seen how this multi-fold display phone might be perceived.

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