Latest: Nokia Mobiles: Nokia Origin, Company, Owner Details You Need To Know

Latest: Nokia Mobiles: Nokia Origin, Company, Owner Details You Need To Know


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Nokia is one of the most popular brands that pioneered the feature phone technology. At one point in time, Nokia was easily associated with mobile phones, especially in India. Who can forget the classic Nokia 1100 feature phone! However, there are a couple of details you might not know about the company, like its country and other info.

Nokia Mobiles: Is Nokia A Chinese Company?

Is Nokia A Chinese Company?

Over the past few months, a lot of us are questioning the origin of our favorite brands. As the Indian government banned several apps over privacy and security concerns – a lot of apps, mobiles, and devices from China have been banned. That said, the question of ‘is it Chinese’ has been asked for several other companies, including Nokia.

In simple words, no, Nokia isn’t a Chinese company. Nokia is a Finland-based company that was taken over by HMD Global in 2016. Presently, HMD Global has the exclusive license to use the Nokia brand on mobile phones and other gadgets.

Now one might ask about the originality of HMD Global! To note, Nokia is still a Finland-based company as HMD Global is also a company based out of Finland. That said, one should also note that Foxconn manufactures all of Nokia’s smartphones and other gadgets. Foxconn is a well-known manufacturer for several other brands, including Apple.

Is Nokia Still Popular?

As noted, Nokia was a well-known brand for feature phones across the globe. However, as Android smartphones rose in popularity, Nokia started to lag. In 2014, Nokia was bought by Microsoft, who installed Windows on Nokia smartphones. However, the Nokia smartphones with Windows wasn’t as well-accepted as its Android counterparts.

Again in 2016, Microsoft sold the Nokia brand to HMD Global, which now develops several devices. Nokia has played well in the smartphone market with several new devices like the PureView series and more. Nokia smartphones are popular even today for its unique and sturdy design that is based on Android OS.

Not only smartphones, but Nokia has also expanded to several other segments. Today, we have Nokia smart TVs also. Plus, Nokia is a pioneering company when it comes to 5G networking.

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