FAU-G Goes Official In India: Here Are The Details

Latest: FAU-G Goes Official In India: Here Are The Details

Latest: FAU-G Goes Official In India: Here Are The Details

FAU-G Won't Replace PUBG Or COD

FAU-G Won’t Replace PUBG Or COD

It is clear that FAU-G is not a battle royale style game, unlike PUBG Mobile or COD: Mobile. FAU-G is a first-person fighter game, where, the user has to kill enemies either with bare hands or with some weapons, which can be acquired by clearing some levels.

There is no online mode, so, most of the enemies will be bots. There are different graphics options on FAU-G mobile. In my case, it was set to medium graphics, which can be cranked up to ultra. Do note that, a mid-range smartphone might not be able to offer smooth gameplay in ultra settings.

FAU-G Gameplay Modes

FAU-G Gameplay Modes

In total, there are three different modes, campaign, which is currently available, where there is an interesting storyline. The other two modes are team deathmatch, where, one might be able to play with a team of five against a team of five. Lastly, there is a Free for all mode, which is expected to offer battle royale style gameplay, similar to PUBG Mobile.

As of now, there is no information on when the team deathmatch and free for all mode will be available for play. The main mission of the campaign is to save captured soldiers from an army of another country.

FAU-G Game Review

FAU-G Game Review

Coming to the campaign part of FAU-G, it is based on an army base camp on a hill with a lot of snow. As the mission progresses, you have to kill some enemies, and there is also an option to pick their weapons. To refill health and stamina, the character can sit near a campfire.

There is a Hindi background dialogue for the entire campaign. If you don’t understand Hindi, then, FAU-G is not the game for you. You have to complete the mission in a set time, else, you have to replay the entire thing from the last checkpoint.

Though it is an engaging game, most levels on the campaign mission almost feel the same. Not just that, even the graphics quality is not the best, especially when compared to games like COD: Mobile. And as of now, there is no information on the launch of FAU-G for Apple devices.

FAU-G is a good game when not compared to titles like PUBG Mobile or COD: Mobile. Don’t expect much from it, and you won’t be disappointed.

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